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HNI Production & Distribution Careers

It’s the people behind the products that drive HNI’s success. Our production and distribution teams are the foundation of our ability to push the limits of innovation and deliver high-quality products to our customers.

Our members think and act like company owners, sharing a simple common purpose: make things better every day. This shared commitment builds strong bonds within our teams. We trust each other, care about each other and do everything we can to help each other succeed.

We believe all members should share in the rewards of company success. We pride ourselves on competitive pay; full benefits on day one; comfortable, clean and safe work environments; paid vacation and holidays; and for many members, cash profit sharing and generous company 401(k) contributions.

We also provide opportunities to grow and develop new skills. In addition to hands-on experience, many of our production and distribution team members have access to training and apprenticeship programs, tuition reimbursement opportunities, and trade and professional certification.

We want to help you build a career, not just help you find a job.

Meet Our Members

Click each member's photo below to learn more about his or her career experience at HNI.

"I wanted to find a company that would allow me to grow in my career. HNI encourages all members to learn, grow and take on new roles."

Brendon's Career Path at HNI

HNI gives their members opportunities to grow in different departments.

Performed a variety of weld types on light and heavy steel, contributing to several product lines.
As a true "utility player", learned nearly every job in the plant to ensure that even when production plans change, our ability to deliver to customers doesn't. Worked across numerous production lines, learning skills for jobs throughout the facility.
Responsible for ensuring top product quality to "close the deal" for key customer accounts. Conducted pre-build audits and finished goods inspections, while training members on techniques to maximize product quality.
"Close the Deal" Quality Facilitator
Transitioned to an HNI distribution center, conducting on-the-job training, operating a fork truck and material handling equipment, and supporting production lines.
Distribution Support Utility
Shifted into a different area of operations, supplying production teams with the tools needed to get the job done. Fabricated, repaired and maintained all dies, fixtures, and other special tooling equipment.
Tool & Die Maker Apprentice
Promoted to a Team Leader role, partnering with production team members to maximize quality, productivity and efficiency. Later promoted to a Production Group Leader position, with expanded responsibilities for supervising 60+ members.
Team Leader / Production Group Leader

"I've been with the company for 20 years. Each of my experiences in production and distribution have allowed me to be out on the floor, doing a variety of jobs and working with many different people."

Holly's Career Path at HNI

HNI gives their members opportunities to grow in different departments.

Worked directly with the product, completing sewing for fabric elements. Received and verified material type and quality. Set up and operated a sewing machine and hand tools to piece materials together, constantly maintaining a focus on quality.
Sewing Technician
Transitioned into a broader role, working throughout the plant as a "utility player", providing support across numerous production lines and learning skills for many jobs throughout the facility.
Lead Utility
Maximized quality, productivity and efficiency by providing daily leadership to a team of members. Assisted in analyzing & resolving operations concerns and meeting production goals.
Team Leader
We aren't talking about the grocery store! Inside our production facilities, a "supermarket" is a parts storage area that provides production lines with parts and supplies. This position involved setting up storage and keeping teams supplied with the parts needed to get product out to customers.
Supermarket Attendant
Currently analyzes production schedules and plans material delivery to meet daily production goals. Performs root cause analysis to solve for outages or other production issues. Updates schedule boards, communication tools, and manages work-in-process status reporting.
Material Flow Expeditor

"Anyone who wants to grow and learn something new is given that opportunity.  The benefits and the opportunities for advancement truly set HNI apart from other companies."

Dawn's Career Path at HNI

HNI gives their members opportunities to grow in different departments.

Built a strong foundational understanding of all production areas. Learned to assemble and fabricate fireplaces from start to finish. Rotated jobs on a regular schedule, which could include welding, painting, assembly and more.
Cell Operator
Learned all phases of assembly, completing mechanical and electrical assembly processes with hand tools and electronic/pneumatic tooling. Participated in Rapid Continuous Improvement events with other team members to create high-impact process improvements.
Currently sets up machines and manufactures programmed parts. Coordinates timelines and delivery of parts to meet production goals, completing finished product with constant attention to quality and safety. Progressively promoted in this position from Level 1 to current Level 3.
Machine Technician 1 / 2 / 3

"What I like most about HNI is the people. That's why I love coming to work every day."

Aaron's Career Path at HNI

HNI gives their members opportunities to grow in different departments.

Developed a broad understanding of many areas of production. Constructed sub-assemblies and finished products. Operated production equipment and completed packaging processes to ensure high-quality product arrived on-time to customers.
Production Technician
Served as a utility player for multiple production/assembly teams. Helped break production bottlenecks by troubleshooting root cause issues and implementing corrective action. Coordinated part flow in and out of departments.
Promoted to Group Leader, providing daily leadership to a team of members. Currently balances quality, productivity and costs while helping the team meet its production goals. Trains members on safety, job rotation and other topics.
Group Leader

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