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Students & New Grads

Students & New Grads

Just getting started? HNI offers great internship and early career opportunities. From the start, you’ll be empowered to solve tough challenges by doing a great job at what you love. We believe in growth without limits, both in your first job with us, and when it’s time for the next one. We offer uncommon access to leaders so you can learn from the best, and we provide a wide variety of opportunities for flexible career experiences across our organization.

Internship Program

HNI offers summer internships throughout the U.S. at its operating companies. Approximately 100 internships are available each year in job functions including engineering, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, marketing, operations management, product design and development, sales and supply chain. Many of our paid internships include growth and development experiences such as skill-building workshops, professional development sessions, networking events and social activities.

Early Career Development Programs

Our early career development programs include rotations among various specialties, experiences and jobs within a particular focus area. By eliminating silos, we create a culture where you can add value and build experience through work that matters. Development program positions may be offered nationwide across the corporation.  Development programs include finance and accounting, information technology, sales, human resources, and a program designed to provide a holistic view of opportunities in operations management/engineering/supply chain.

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