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Who We Are

Who We Are

HNI Corporation is a family of leading brands providing products and services for the office and home. With deeply held values, our employees, who we call members, are united by a dedication to integrity, quality, innovation, service, continuous improvement and value creation for our customers. 

Our values distinguish us in the way we look at things and the way we work. Driving our success is a set of unique and strongly aligned principles and processes enthusiastically shared by our members. It defines our distinctive personality, and stands at the center of our corporate Vision.

"This is an amazing company. I have never seen an organization with a more distinctive set of beliefs, with such deeply ingrained truths and traditions, anywhere. We live our values. We are true believers. As a leader of this company, it’s my responsibility to see that as our strategies and goals change, our culture doesn’t."


Our Vision

We, the members of HNI Corporation, are dedicated to creating long-term value for all stakeholders, exceeding our customers’ expectations and making our company a great place to work. We will treat each other, customers, suppliers, shareholders and our communities, with fairness and respect. Our success depends on rapid continuous improvement, member engagement, individual and collective integrity, and innovation in everything we do. We relentlessly pursue the following longstanding commitments: We will –

  • Be a preferred provider of products and services.
  • Create long-term value for shareholders.
  • Be a great place to work.
  • Be a responsible global citizen.
  • Grow profitably.


When our company is favored by our customers, valued by our shareholders, driven by our members, supported by our suppliers and respected by the public, this vision is fulfilled.

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Our People

Our People

Customers Want the Same Things We Want

We exist as a company to do one thing: create value. Our powerful member-owner culture is founded upon empowered accountability. Every member has the opportunity to deliver value, is empowered to do so, and is rewarded for individual and collective performance through stock ownership, profit sharing and other compensation. This creates a strong culture of ownership and a sense of shared responsibility for the success of HNI Corporation.

Our members are committed to living our values every day. 

We believe in –

  • Collective gain: Our members create value for shareholders by creating value for customers. When we do that, everybody—customers, investors, members, suppliers, communities—wins.
  • Starting with the customer: We believe customers want what we want—more, better, faster and for less. Everything starts and ends with providing customers what they want, better than they expected, better than we did yesterday and better than their alternatives.
  • Constructive discontent: We are in a constant state of transformation. Instead of spending time talking about what we’ve done well, we spend time examining what we can do better, pursuing the opportunities hidden behind every problem.
  • Pride without pretense: We are down-to-earth and proud of our accomplishments—but never arrogant. Our people demand excellence from one another, but are humble enough to listen, adapt, and continuously improve.
  • Acting with integrity in all we do: Integrity is everything. How we achieve our success is every bit as important as the success itself. We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching. We are honest and upfront with people, and we keep our commitments.
  • Leaders who serve and are accountable to every member and customer: Leaders are responsible to create the conditions and opportunities for members to give their very best to our customers, in turn driving the success of the company.


Shared ideas, mutual respect, a focus on always doing better: these qualities allow us to achieve something special, something that creates value for our shareholders, our customers, our members, and our communities.

Our Process

How we manage, improve and grow our business is aimed at providing maximum leverage and flexibility to create value.

Our Corporate Structure: Split and Focus with Leverage

HNI operating units concentrate on distinct markets, a strategy that allows us to respond knowledgeably and efficiently to specific needs of our customers. Each business unit has its own strategic plan, P&L and financial model, with autonomous leadership and each with its own Lean corporate team. This is how we split and focus our business.

We leverage our business model with the benefit of our culture, expertise, scale and financial resources, centralizing key functions including manufacturing, logistics, purchasing and IT.

We Grow with Core Plus

We work to drive growth from our core businesses while developing ways to extend our business to new frontiers. This two-pronged “Core Plus” growth strategy is meant to extract new growth from each existing business by working to deepen our understanding of end users. On the “Plus” side, we identify new market opportunities, then leverage our strengths and tailor the business to pursue them.

We Improve our Performance with Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI)

HNI is relentlessly focused on Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI). We believe in constructive discontent—that there’s always a better way, and that improvement never ends. RCI uses a set of Lean tools built on four principles: creating value, always starting with the customer, engaging our member/owners, and viewing problems as opportunities. 

Our Social Responsibility

We pursue positive change with a simple, clear purpose to make things better every day. This applies not only to the value we create for our customers and shareholders, or to the improvements we are constantly making to our business—it also extends to our communities and the environment.

Our commitment to collective gain drives us to share our success with our local communities. We contribute financially to worthy causes, but we make an even greater impact through our members’ dedication of time and talent to the communities where we live and work.

Our spirit of constructive discontent is the foundation of our environmental stewardship. Our focus on business process improvement constantly leads us to find new ways to deliver sustainable, long-term value while minimizing environmental impact. As a responsible steward of natural resources, we design core elements of our business to protect the natural environment. This includes our commitment to Lean manufacturing, responsible sourcing and distribution, reduction of material waste and emissions, and environmentally-conscious product development.